Fall out for laugh


A draft officer was asked: “How do you determine in the Army that your draftees are intelligent enough for service?”

“When the man appears for the examination at the draft board we usually ask him one clever question only.”

“What question?”

“We ask him: How long did the Thirty Year War last’?”

“And what?”

“Now we have to think of an easier one- most of the examinees fail to answer.”


A candidate for assignment to command a ship in the Navy had to present his reasons for being able to hold his post to a board of examiners in navigation.

“Sir, I would make every effort not to let my ship sink because there’d be a board of inquiry to face; I’d lose my command, perhaps any chance of further promotion, and my personal effects; and, worst of all, I can’t swim.”


An officer was passed by a soldier who didn’t salute. Determined to stand on the authority of his rank the officer shouted: “You there – do you see this uniform I am wearing?”

The soldier looked him up and down and said: “You are lucky, sir, look at the thing they gave me.”


The hostess entertains a pilot with gossips.

Then one asks: “Is it true that planes fly faster than sounds nowadays?”

“Moreover, they will soon fly faster than gossips.”

transport przeprowadzki białystok


Two Marsians with their many tentacles around their  bodies, the first to land on Earth, were very excited as they stepped out of their spaceship near a big town.

Pointing to the TV aerials on almost every house, one happily said: “Look – girls!”

transport białystok


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