After explaining the basic data of his engineering project the unit engineer concluded: “That’s all; the rest is only pick-and-shovel work on the slide rule.”


The Special Forces were being trained for a secret mission. They were given an extremely tough obstacle course – swimming across a raging river, running up a vertical cliff, scrambling through barbed wire entanglements and climbing steep hills with full equipment.

As they came to the end of their training period, a colonel barked to a soldier from a mountain country. “How do you like it, soldier?”

“Shucks, sir, it ain’t nothin’,” drawled the soldier. “Where I came from we have to go through country like this to get to the toilet!”


An M.P. on a highway flagged down a military truck driver.

“Why are you going 90 miles an hour, Private?” he demanded.

“Why, I just washed the truck and was drying it off,” the driver answered.


The small boy was bragging about his uncle’s newest promotion.

“And,” he concluded proudly, “the longer he stays in the Army the ranker he gets.”



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