A news-man asked an American commander:

“Sir, could you mention any military success of your troops?”

“Why, of course! For example, they were conducting a big search and destroy operation yesterday and, after a fierce battle, our men succeeded again in withdrawing safely.”


Troops were poised to go into an assault. Just when the command ‘Over the top!’ was given, a soldier asked his CO: “Sir, may I get my annual leave to see my wife now?”


The company was about to take the field for some tactical exercise and for the firts time in their service men were falling-in in full packs. But Private Swift, who was an actor in Civvie Street, appeared not in the field uniform, without his pack and gas mask. The sergeant roared:”What’s the matter, Swift, why not in full field uniform?”

“How come,” protested the ex-comedian ” the very first rehearsal and already in full dress and a mask?!”


One girl expressed her grieves to her friend: “What a pity that generals marry when they are lieutenants!”


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